The general home inspection is an important step to buying your home. This inspection will give you an overall report of the home’s condition as well as point out items you may want to investigate further. You’ll want to make sure you have a sound judgment of the condition of the home before moving forward.

If at all possible, please plan to meet the inspector during the last 30 minutes of the inspection. That way he/she will have had time to actually inspect the house and will then be able to report any and all finding swith you. Having the chance to talk with the inspector provides a better understanding of the items that should be addressed and what IS or ISN’T a big deal. Sometimes it’s hard to determine that just by looking at the inspectors report that will be sent to you afterwards. As a matter of fact, some reports are so full of red lettering it looks far worse than it really is.

Here are few tips to keep in mind:

  • The general home inspection can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the size of the home.
  • The inspector is limited by what he/she can inspect. They can’t open up walls to see the wiring and/or plumbing. The inspections are non-invasive and only the visible items can be inspected.
  • The inspector doesn’t have a crystal ball to tell you how long any component of the home will continue to work. He can only give his report of what his findings are on the day of inspection and cannot predict future performance of any component. There have been times when the air conditioning quit working the day after closing in the middle of July. (Yep… This is where the Home Warranty comes in handy). None of us can predict this, not even the home inspector.
  • Feel free to ask the inspector questions. If he mentions something that you’re not familiar with feel free to dig deeper by asking questions. Maybe you want to know where the water shut-off valve or the electrical panel is for future reference. Feel free to ask away! Just know that the inspector will answer as many question as he can to help you understand the home better.
  • Bring a tape measure and something to take notes. You’ll probably want to verify the room sizes for furniture so use this time wisely, as we may not have access to the home again until the final walk through.
  • Bring your check book or credit card if you’re paying the inspector at the time of service.
  • Ordinarily the inspector completes the report and sends it to you via email by the next day or so. Once you receive it, please forward it to me so we can discuss the findings and how to proceed. Perhaps there are other inspections we need to arrange or we might be ready to respond to the sellers.

Please keep this tip at the forefront of your mind regarding inspections. Inspections are:

  • To look for safety issues
  • To discover any structural issues
  • To see if any repairs are necessary such as inoperable components/appliances.
  • We are not there to look at cosmetic details. Paint colors can be changed, light fixtures can be moved/changed, carpet can be removed, etc. I know that you will tailor this home to fit your specific taste and needs, and more than likely, this house is not exactly suited to your taste just yet. But I know that you will make it YOUR home soon after closing.
  • Lastly, know that there is no perfect home. Even a brand new construction has issues that must be addressed.