Now that you’ve completed the first steps to buying your new home, you’re probably filled excitement and optimism. You’re ready to start looking at homes!

Online, that is. 😉

But don’t worry we’ll be out driving around looking at homes in person in no time.

You should have reached out to me already and hopefully you’re set up on a MLS search and receiving emails from me regularly. If not, send me an email at misty (dot) carrier (at) exprealty (dot) com and we’ll get your specific search criteria plugged into the database.

Look at each listing when these emails arrive in your inbox. Make sure you keep your “needs” at the forefront of your mind though. It can be easy to get off track once you start seeing pictures of beautiful homes on your screen so keep the main objective in focus. If one or more of these homes meet your requirements and your interest is piqued, click on the “star” to save the listing(s).

If something is absolutely PERFECT shoot me a text and we’ll set something up as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, just star the homes you’d like to take a look at and when you’ve starred about four or five listings, email or text me telling me to take a look at your list and we’ll set up a tour of these homes. Once I receive this email or text I will send a link to my calendar and we can settle on a time to see these houses in person.

After we have agreed on a time for showings, I will map out the homes and start requesting appointments through our Centralized Showing Service. Once I have all appointments scheduled, I’ll send you the list.

We can decide if you want to ride with me or if you’d prefer following me in your own vehicle.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, pack snacks and water, and download and print out one House Hunting Guide for each home we will be viewing.

Keep in mind, that some homes require a 24 hour notice for showings. The typical showing times are from 8am-8-pm Sunday through Saturday. However, some sellers will block showing times and days based on their availability.

At this point, you probably won’t need to keep looking at the third party sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor. Viewing the MLS Buyer Portal and starring your favorites is much more efficient for setting up tours. If for some reason, you’re not seeing everything on the MLS portal reach out to me and I can tweak your settings.

In the next blog post, you’ll see instructions while we’re out at showings. Important stuff coming up!